Smart building solutions for buildings of all sizes. Provide analysis and services, and plan space use.
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5A e-commerce base in Zhejiang Province

Yiwu Zhicheng

Qianmaodian New Village

Xijingyue Mansion

Industrial center of Collaborative Innovation Park

Wangdao Exhibition Hall

Tianyi New Dongyang

Midea Baolong Family

Phalanx Lanting

International Inland Port Electric Mall

International Means of Production Market Hall

Jiantou Qingyue Mansion

Fulong Mountain Food Market

Jinhua Century City

Kailan Supply Chain Base

Industrial Applications
Create future industries and provide innovative solutions that are open, flexible and interconnected
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China Choujiang Pilot Free Trade Zone

Zhejiang Yiwu Boni Stationery Co., Ltd

Yiwu Domestic Highway Port

Yiwu Mold City

Longhui vegetable market

Yangcun Port City

Weiqing Zpper

Condiment Plant

Smart School
Provide customers with reliable and efficient intelligent power distribution solutions
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Yiwu Xiangshan Primary School

Wangqian kindergarten, Yiting Town, Yiwu

Yiwu Shuren Middle School

Yiwu Houzhai Middle School

Yiwu International Business School

Yiwu Binwang primary school

Yiwu Hengtang Park

Yiwu Public School

Yiwu Xiangxi Kindergarten

huangyangmei Kindergarten

New Silk Road School

Shangyang Kindergarten

Digital Hospital
Achieve a sustainable future with digital architecture and services
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Xinhua Hospital

Anhui Huaiyuan hospital

Yiwu Fotang Central Health Center

Other Industries
Reliable, efficient and intuitive technology helps to improve the living space and the lifestyle of residents
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Yiwu Geely Engine Co., Ltd

Geely DHT transmission project

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